Embracing our guppies among the whales.

Power to the guppies – a chia.net pool for the modest of farmers.

We believe farming XCH should be for guppies and whales alike… so we built ourselves a pool.

For further information on the Chia blockchain and XCH cryptocurrency, head over to chia.net with which we are in no way affiliated.

You should never give your private Chia keys to anyone – and we will never ask you for them.

Latest News

Pooling – the latest we know (9th May 2021)

A Recent twitter update from Chia founder Bram Cohen has advised that the pool plotting should be available on or shortly after the 17th of May (although as always – this is at best an[…]

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Beagle’s Hardware

I keep getting asked what hardware am I using on reddit r/chia so rather than keep typing out the same message 10 times a day I have decided to post[…]

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1.1.4 is coming … and with it: [no] Pool Plotting.

UPDATED: Our apologies, the Chia webinar led us to believe that 1.1.4 would introduce pool plotting. We were wrong. It still stands that pool plotting is due imminently, and we[…]

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