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Power to the guppies.

Pooling – the latest we know (9th May 2021)

A Recent twitter update from Chia founder Bram Cohen has advised that the pool plotting should be available on or shortly after the 17th of May (although as always – this is at best an educated estimate – as we all keep being reminded.  Sigh.). There will never be an official pool but I may link to ones which are credible/low fee/well run/not…
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1.1.4 is coming … and with it: [no] Pool Plotting.

UPDATED: Our apologies, the Chia webinar led us to believe that 1.1.4 would introduce pool plotting. We were wrong. It still stands that pool plotting is due imminently, and we will update everyone once that happens. (And we’ll tread with further uncertainty on deadlines until we actually have it in our hands.) We’re as keen…
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Meet the fish

Behind every great idea, there are (possibly!) great folk. We’re launching our pool on several foundational pillars – one of which is transparency. If you don’t understand who we are, how we’re running the pool, and why we chose to do this – we’re not being transparent. Our pool’s voluntary founders are two friends and…
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