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Power to the guppies.

The official pooling protocol for Chia hasn’t been published yet. Until the protocol is published and we’ve had time to develop and deploy our pool, all we can do is invite you to join our mailing list for updates (see below).

Chia’s team have hinted at mid-2021 for the pooling protocol to be published, but timelines have already slipped more than once (and always with good reason – they want to do it, and do it right). We hope to soft-launch a beta pool within 30 days of the pooling protocol being finalised. Our personal farms will be included in that initial launch, and we’ll offer a limited number of “first come first served” places to our mailing list.

Chia’s pooling protocol should allow farmers to switch between pools with extreme ease – so if you don’t make it into the initial soft-launch, you’ll still be very eligible for subsequent spaces when they open.

As stated on our homepage, we want our pool to have the feel and benefit of a tight-knit community – small and like-minded farmers who want to see Chia succeed. To that end, we will be issuing opinion-polls our our mailing list for how the pool should operate (fees, rewards, prizes, discussion rooms, etc). If you want to be involved, get signed-up below.

Finally, joining and switching pools requires issuing a Chia transaction costing 1 mojo from an “active” Chia wallet. To facilitate this for small farmers like us, has launched an official faucet:, which sends you ~0.0000000001 XCH for free.

If you’re having issues with the official faucet, there are other options appearing, including (provides ~0.000001 XCH).

So to keep in the loop as we approach the pool launch date (and further updates thereafter), sign up to our mailing list. You can opt-out at any time, and we promise to not abuse your inbox.