Power to the guppies

Power to the guppies.

chia.net launched Mainnet in March 2021 with a sub-100PiB network capacity. Within a month, it exceeded 400PiB, and it continues to grow.

Anyone who wants to validate transactions should be able to farm without single-use hardware or a big electricity bill.

Home – Chia Network – retrieved 2021-04-19

One of Chia’s stated goals is to enable anyone with even the most modest home computer to farm – yet the explosive growth of the network is diluting their potential rewards by such an extent that farming is becoming an unattractive proposition.

For a “typical small setup”, plotting 2TiB can take weeks … and then after that: the expected time-to-reward is nearing months. Meanwhile the whales who own farms built at scales utterly unimaginable to the guppy are claiming block rewards at rates of several times a day (or more).

Our pool is ran by some “small fish” who want to see Chia succeed not only as a technology, not only as an idea, but also as a journey which is both rewarding and enjoyable for the hobbyist guppy and enterprise whale alike. It’s ran privately by a small team of people like you – who have an invested interest in seeing Chia succeed, and who believe that pooling is only going to prove a good thing for the community.

Our intention announcement on reddit:

Myself and a friend are preparing to launch a pool as soon as Chia supports it. I will be gradually moving (read: replotting) my personal 140+TB farm into the pool, to help ensure all participants see rewards ASAP.

We have setup a website: chia-pooling.com (no affiliation to Chia.net). There you can sign-up to our mailing list for updates both on our pool and Chia pooling as details become available. Please understand all of this is a “best effort” on a purely voluntary basis, and we both have full-time jobs and family responsibilities.

We intend to publish pool stats and information once the pool is launched.

Possibly most importantly: we are not looking for the whales of Chia to join us, but the guppies and small fry … in the hopes that we can all have a chance of enjoying this journey. I’ve personally invested a modest amount of time and money into Chia, and I’m already seeing diminishing returns due to the network growth. My collaborator similarly has spent weeks plotting a very small farm (~2TB), and is unlikely to see any meaningful returns if he continues on his own. We want Chia farming to be rewarding for everyone, not just the whales.

We are UK based and we understand that there are already folk “out there” trying to take advantage of innocent farmers under the guise of offering pooling. We intend to be community driven, to be full of like-minded individuals, to fester a positive feeling of fellowship – with transparency and good will as our foundation.

And please – always remember – you should NEVER share your private Chia keys with anyone – and we will NEVER ask you for them.

#strongertogether – Power to the guppies.