1.1.4 is coming … and with it: [no] Pool Plotting.

Power to the guppies.

1.1.4 is coming … and with it: [no] Pool Plotting.

UPDATED: Our apologies, the Chia webinar led us to believe that 1.1.4 would introduce pool plotting. We were wrong. It still stands that pool plotting is due imminently, and we will update everyone once that happens. (And we’ll tread with further uncertainty on deadlines until we actually have it in our hands.)

We’re as keen to see pooling arrive as you. For anyone interested, you can view the project’s backlog of work in real-time here: https://trello.com/b/ZuNx7sET

As far as all other details go (regarding switching pools etc), everything is correct below as far as we know.

The Chia Webinar, where pooling is discussed @3m10s in.

Following yesterday’s Chia transaction webinar we have a small update on pooling!

With an unknown future release of Chia 1.1.4 due this week, we should be able to start plotting our “pooling plots” ahead of pools launching in a few weeks’ time.

Thanks to Chia’s unique pooling protocol – you will only need to plot your pooling plots once, you can then move them between pools, and your contribution (pooling plots) can be prepared ahead of Guppy Pool (and others) going live.

As soon as 1.1.4 and pool plotting is made generally available, we’ll direct everyone to a guide on how to start pool plotting.

Finally, in order to comply with Chia’s policy on pool names – our website address will soon be changing from chia-pooling.com. (It was only a holding name after all … we can do better right?!) Our mailing list will remain unaffected, and visitors to chia-pooling.com will be automatically redirected to the new URL.

Stay safe, and happy farming – may the odds ever be in your favour!

4 Responses

  1. wally says:

    Updated with corrected information regarding release 1.1.4.

  2. Mentje says:

    Any idea when that will be. A week? A month?

    • wally says:

      I’m afraid we only have as much information as you! We had understood (clearly wrongly, or the facts changed) that pooling would be released with 1.1.4.

      Personally I expect it may be nearer “a month or more”, given the frequency of previous releases (and assuming that pooling is “a significant change). It was stated that it is hoped pooling will become available during May, but of work remains to be done (see the YouTube video above).

      We will inform everyone on our mailing list as soon as it pooling is made available, and then a follow up announcement when Guppy Pool is online.

      A great resource for the latest rumours is the Chia Reddit, which I highly recommend: https://reddit.com/r/chia

  3. wally says:

    Added embedded YouTube copy of the Chia webinar – pooling discussion at 3m10s.

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