Pooling – the latest we know (9th May 2021)

Power to the guppies.

Pooling – the latest we know (9th May 2021)

A Recent twitter update from Chia founder Bram Cohen has advised that the pool plotting should be available on or shortly after the 17th of May (although as always – this is at best an educated estimate – as we all keep being reminded.  Sigh.).

Chia pools (of the safe and ‘“officially” supportable’ form) require two things:

Bram is suggesting that a pool protocol prototype should be dropping around the same time as pool plots. Given the protocol won’t be finalised and protocol implementations will still need to be written, it’s highly unlikely any new pools will coming online on near the 17th. (Certainly we won’t be.)

Hopefully though, we can all start [re]plotting to be “pool ready” as of the 17th (or shortly thereafter).
(btwIf you missed the last Chia webinar, you can watch the recording on YouTube. Pooling discussions start at 3m10s in.)

We’ve been receiving a lot of queries and questions regarding Chia pooling, and we’d love to give answers. Unfortunately, the simple truth is this: we’re in the same boat as you. The information we have is limited, and mostly gleaned from Chia employee tweets and the occasional Chia webinars. But we promise we’ll continue to issue updates as things significantly change, both here and on our mailing list.

On a related topic – Chia are issuing public warnings about existing pools (our assumption would be “hpool” in particular). The subject was discussed in the aforementioned YouTube video, and another recent Cohen tweet particularly drives home the dangers.

So remember: Never give your private wallet keys to anyone, and always be cautious of what software you install.
(If it’s not downloaded from chia.net, you’re flying on your own.) Until next time – and hopefully then with good news regarding pool plotting…

Stay safe, happy farming – and may the odds ever be in your favour!

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  1. Nuno says:

    Hey guys,

    Hope all is good. You’ve been a little silent in the recent weeks… how are your plans to move ahead with the Guppy Pool and the testing of pools in testnet?

    • admin says:

      Hi Nuno,

      We are still planning on going ahead with the pool, we are just busy keeping ourselves up to date with what’s going on around pooling with Chia.net and making sure we are as prepared as we can be for our launch after the official pooling protocols are released.

      Kind regards,

      The Guppy Pool Team

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