Meet the fish

Power to the guppies.

Meet the fish

Behind every great idea, there are (possibly!) great folk. We’re launching our pool on several foundational pillars – one of which is transparency. If you don’t understand who we are, how we’re running the pool, and why we chose to do this – we’re not being transparent.

Our pool’s voluntary founders are two friends and former colleagues who’ve been working secularly in IT for a combined 3 decades. Add atop that personal time spent tinkering, and you’re looking toward most of a lifetime in computing experience.

/u/Beagle182 is currently a senior ETL developer working for a large enterprise in Cambridge, UK.

/u/mathiashallski (wally) is a principle DevOps/Software Engineer for a biotech startup with big ideas, also in Cambridge, UK.

wally was put onto Chia by Beagle who has followed the project since its first public appearance. With a join history working in various infrastructure roles at Elevate Credit, Beagle is running a modest hardware setup hosting a 140TiB and growing farm.

We’ve both observed the very rapid growth of the Chia network having a significant effect on the rewards for farming – and yet we both still believe that Chia has the potential to be a thoroughly enjoyable (and rewarding) technology for hobbyists like us.

Thusly we find ourselves here – preparing to run a voluntarily hosted Chia farming pool for the common folk who – like us – can’t afford our own petabyte sized rigs.

We’re hoping to reinvest our early successes in farming (and particularly plotting power) to help accelerate a community friendly and community driven pool, when Mainnet launches support.

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